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About CSHE

I founded CSHE back in 2010 to help women heal, grow, and evolve on all levels - mind, body, spirit, and emotions. And 14 years later, I'm still growing and evolving too!

I started with teaching Reiki, hypnotherapy, and meditation at a local community college and in private groups. Then I created a holistic a year long practitioner certification program, and additional courses on Angels, Past Lives and Karma, the Energetic Body, and Psychic Development. I also started facilitating empowerment and healing retreats for women.

Over the past few years, I've been in the process of taking these courses and programs online so more women can receive the benefits from wherever they are in the world. And I've recently added an 8 week trauma healing program and a 9 month practitioner certification program.

It is my absolute joy to teach and mentor the women I work with and I'm sure I'll keep at it for years to come.



Courses & Programs

These courses and programs are for folks like you that want to live a high vibe life, whether you’ve just started on your path, are a longtime veteran, or somewhere in between.

Building Resilience

Release triggers and reclaim control of your mind, body and emotions.

Resilience is how well we adapt when we are faced with difficulties such as trauma, loss, or other extremely stressful experiences. It’s how we are able to bounce back from adversity. Stress and challenges are often an unavoidable part of life. How we handle those experiences reflects our level of resilience.

We learn resilience through our caregivers…if we were not shown the proper ways to handle stress and adversity in life from them, we did not develop the proper skills to manage them as adults. The great news is that you can cultivate them within you now!

When we feel grounded, centered, and safe in our bodies and have a positive mindset, we have more confidence in ourselves and are better able to handle difficulties or challenges in a healthy way.

In this mini course, you will learn tools for building resilience, especially for regulating the body, mind, and emotions.

The Ultimate Self-Care Bundle

The sacred act of love and alignment of SELF on all levels - mind, body, spirit and emotions.

I found that when I began practicing self-care consistently on a daily basis AND when I addressed self-care on all levels - mind, body, spirit, and emotions - I began to love myself and gained confidence in being able to put myself and my needs first.

It was truly an amazing experience! I had no idea that self-care and self-love were so closely intertwined and now I would never go a day without taking tender care of myself. And I'm excited to share the Ultimate Self-Care Bundle with you so that you can do the same!

Self-care is one of the essential keys to healing and creating a deeper relationship with yourSELF and others.

Elevate Your Vibe

Start living in the flow and creating the life your heart desires.

Living in a high state of stress or surrounded by perpetual negativity affects the mind, body, spirit, and emotions. This disrupts the natural processes of the brain and body, creating negative thoughts, patterns, habits, and beliefs. This perpetuates the cycle of remaining stuck in these lower vibrations. The great news is that there are plenty of ways to raise our vibration and we're going to learn them in this course!

It is empowering to learn that you have control over your responses to other people’s words and actions, as well as to challenging events and situations. Even just the slightest shift up the scale can make a profound difference.

In this course, you’ll learn various techniques for flipping the switch on negativity and intentionally raising your vibration so you can finally align with your authentic self and start living the life your heart desires.

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